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Company introduction > Greetings
Founded on trust, always delivering the best service, we are Clover.
Customers come first, therefore, we promise what we can keep. Clover work in cooperation with our clients, we coexist.
Introducing the CEO Kim Doo Ho
  • Educational background and Professional experience
    - Kyungbuk University Masters
    - Daegu Techno park researcher level 4
    - KAIST senior researcher
    - Clover CEO
  • Main Certifications
    - Knowledge economy ministry Technology trader
    - M&A Guide
    - Technology Business Value Assessment
    - ISO International Assessment
    - Mid-size company consulting platform level 2
    - R&D planning expert
  • Other activities
    - Daegu Kyungbuk fusion industry development association ACI / Exchange Cooperation /Administrator
    - Daegu Lions member
    - Daegu Kyungbuk University, Donguk University, Sunrin University, Kyungil University, Youngnam University , Daegu University , Mentoring assembly member, lectures, evaluation staff
  • Cooperation
  • Coexisting
  • Synergy Effect
    Cooperation + Coexisting
  • Corprare Name
  • CEO
  • Kim Doo Ho
  • Work
  • Marketting Services ㅣ Design Development ㅣ Web/Mobile app and solution ㅣ Web/Mobile homepage production ㅣ Application UI/UX ㅣ Bm Strategy and Management Consulting
  • Address
  • 11, Technobuk-ro 4-gil, Hyeonpung-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Republic of Korea, 110/1702
    Daegu Metropolitan City Hall, annexed building, Global Health Care Center 1st floor
  • Contact us
  • 0927clover@naver.com
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